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Brain Wall  (脳カベ or Nōkabe) is a component of the Japanese game show Tonneruzu no Minasan no Okage deshita (とんねるずのみなさんのおかげで した, lit. "Thanks to the people from Tunnels." ["Tunnels" is a comedy pair.]) Video clips from the show proliferated on video-sharing websites and the concept was eventually adopted by several countries. It became popularly known to non-Japanese speakers as simply Human Tetris, or Hole in the Wall, named for its involvement of the physical body and a supposed close resemblance to the rules of the video game Tetris. 

International VersionsEdit

Country Local Name Network
Arab World Jibbar Jabbar



Argentina El muro infernal Telefe
Australia Hole In The Wall Nine Network
Brazil De cara no muro Rede Globo
Belgium (Flemish) Hole In The Wall VT4
Bulgaria Дупка в Стената Nova TV
Cambodia Hole in the Wall: ល្បែងជ្រែកជញ្ជាំង



Canada (French) Le Mur V
Chile La muralla infernal Megavision
Croatia Pazi, zid! Nova TV
Colombia Duro contra el muro RCN TV





Denmark Hul i hovedet TV3+
Estonia Auk Seinas TV3
Finland Reikä seinässä Nelonen
France Le Mur Infernal TMC
Germany Ab Durch die Wand RTL
Greece Mia trypa sto neró Mega TV
Hong Kong 大咕窿 TVB
Hungary Kalanda Fal! RTL Klub
India Hole In The Wall Pogo TV

Hole In The Wall

Knockout Indonesia


Global TV


Israel Rosh Bakir Channel 10
Japan Nōkabe Fuji TV
Lithuania Skylė sienoje TV3
Malaysia Bolos Astro Ria
Mexico Aguas Con El Muro TV Azteca
Netherlands Hole In The Wall SBS 6
Norway Ylvis møter veggen TVNorge
Paraguay El Muro Canal 13
Peru Tecsuperate America Television
Philippines Hole In The Wall GMA Network
Poland Hole In The Wall TV4
Portugal Salve-se Quem Puder



Romania Vedete-n Figuri Prima TV
Russia Stenka na Stenku ORT
South Korea Jiwhaza SBS
Spain El Muro Infernal La Sexta
Sweden Hål i väggen TV6
Taiwan Who's The Winner TTV
Thailand Game Gapangza BBTV Channel 7
Turkey Bak Su Duvara Star TV
Ukraine More po Kolino ICTV
United Kingdom Hole In The Wall BBC One
United States Hole In The Wall


Cartoon Network

Vietnam Lỗ hổng trên tường VTC9