Digital Al

Digital Al (mascot of DigitalUK) as he flicks the switch from analogue to digital TV.

The digital television transition, also called the digital switchover or analogue switch-off, is the process in which analog television broadcasting is converted to and replaced by digital television. This primarily involves the conversion of analogue terrestrial television to digital terrestrial. However, it also involves analogue cable conversion to digital cable, as well as analogue to digital satellite.

In many countries, a simulcast service is operated where a broadcast is made available to viewers in both analog and digital at the same time. As digital becomes more popular, it is likely that the existing analogue services will be removed. In some cases this has already happened, where a broadcaster has offered incentives to viewers to encourage them to switch to digital. In other cases government policies have been introduced to encourage or force the switchover process, especially with regard to terrestrial broadcasts. Government intervention usually involves providing some funding for broadcasters and, in some cases monetary relief to viewers, to enable a switchover to happen by a given deadline.


  • 2006: Netherlands
  • 2007: Andorra, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland
  • 2009: Denmark, Germany, Isle of Man, Norway, United States
  • 2010: Belgium, Croatia, Estonia, Guernsey, Jersey, Latvia, Luxembourg, San Marino, Slovenia, Spain
  • 2011: Austria, Canada, Cyprus, France, Israel, Malta, Monaco, Turkey
  • 2012: Czech Republic, Gibraltar, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, South Korea, Taiwan, United Kingdom
  • 2013: Australia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Hungary, Iceland, Kenya, Macedonia, Mauritius, Moldova, Namibia, New Zealand, Poland, South Africa, Zimbabwe
  • 2014: India
  • 2015: Algeria, Belarus, Brunei, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Libya, Mauritania, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Philippines, Romania, Rwanda, Tunisia, Ukraine, Uruguay, Western Sahara
  • 2017: Chile, Malaysia
  • 2018: Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Russia
  • 2019: Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, El Salvador
  • 2020: Panama, Peru, Singapore, Thailand, Venezuela, Vietnam
  • 2022: Paraguay
  • 2024: Cuba
  • No Intention of Switching: Laos, North Korea